It’s almost Eid! Where’s the time gone?

I’m finally breaking my silence, I know I was on a bit of a ‘hiatus’, but I’m back…with lots to share! But I’m going to start with the obvious first.

There’s only a few days left to go until Eid, and that can only mean one thing in the Mulla household. Food. Lots of it. So that means that the next few days will be an amalgamation of prayer and cooking, nothing of news to me. Of course, whether it’s Ramadhan that’s arriving or Eid, food is pretty much the one thing we always have to prepare. I thought I’d share some photos of some of things which tell it’s Eid.

Makings of ghungra

So to my fellow Gujaratis out there, this may look particularly familiar. Ghungra. Although, that’s not what it’s actually called in my house…but let’s not get onto that discussion! I thought I’d take photos at the different stages and put them all together sequentially so the picture is a little clearer (you know what I mean!). I’ve been making these over the last decade (not only am I old, I am notoriously forgetful, and can’t even remember the first time I made these), and it’s actually not so difficult despite it looking so very intricate. My sister had an attempt with us too…this is what she made.


I have to admit that it’s not bad at all! It’s how we all learn 😉


Another thing we make are these tri-coloured ‘puris’, also of the sweet variety. Don’t ask me what they’re called because I can only just about pronounce the word let alone be able to transliterate it!

Tricoloured puris

So with these, you basically form dough balls, to which you can add food colouring. Roll out the dough and layer each ‘pancake’ on top of the other and roll the whole thing into a log (like a Swiss roll) and cut. Flatten the cut ‘puri’ with your palm or a rolling pin and then fry.


These are only some of the sweet things we make, mainly because the older people in the family regard it as a kind of tradition. Us kids on the other hand (I am so not a kid any more!), prefer cake. Yummy cake. I haven’t actually made it yet, but I’ll defo put up a photo. Planning on making accompanying cupcakes too this year!

The one thing that we can all agree with in my house, is making and eating Chakris. Love them. They’re one of the few savoury fried snacks that are made for Eid, but boy do we love them! Just finished making them a few hours ago.

Makings of chakri

According to my mum, she’s doesn’t know of anyone else who uses potatoes in the dough. The weird contraption seen in the image above, is used to obtain the shape of the chakris. It’s usually my brother and I that do all the shaping whilst my mum fries the chakris 😀


Okay, food things aside, on a more serious note, Ramadhan is a month of reflection and introspection and although it may seem like it is all about food; it certainly isn’t…food is a large part of it, but it’s not it. The last 10 days of Ramadhan are certainly the most important, it’s a chance for you as a person to catch up with yourself, a chance to pray and remember the material things you run after daily aren’t everything. A chance for you to sit back and think about the past year and what you’ve achieved, spiritually but also morally. For me, the days of Ramadhan present themselves as an opportunity to identify the ‘kinks’ in my system, where am I going wrong? What can I do to fix it? Those sorts of things. Being charitable and kind, being a good person to the strangers you meet but also to your loved ones. It’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the World, but rarely do we find a chance to just listen to yourselves, to see if our tune needs tweaking. I hope that everyone who is observing Ramadhan, makes the most of their time and can reflect on their actions and make the changes they desire for the days beyond. Hope we get a chance to say that we’ve stuck to those changes!

Ramadhan Kareem.


6 thoughts on “It’s almost Eid! Where’s the time gone?

  1. evershirin says:

    Ahhhh love the first thing, but we call them margahs


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