Why does ‘procrastinating’ have to be so easy?

Now I could’ve quite easily have finished off the penultimate section of the first chapter of “my thesis” (in speech marks because I have no doubt that it’ll take tooth and nail to fight to keep it mine!), especially considering that I have all the papers that I need up on one side of my screen and my write up on the other. Instead, I’ve spent the last hour on BuzzFeed, shamelessly taking inkblot tests (it guessed my age…correctly…AWESOME!) and reading the silliest articles imaginable (there is no dearth in those sorts of articles). And of course, that leads to me to my number one procrastinating activity…blogging (although this is actually something which I find…somewhat motivating)!

I must admit though, I had a back up plan for ‘procrastinating’…the very fact that I had/have (?) a back up plan clearly goes to show that procrastinating is routine for me. I was supposed to get some ‘other’ writing done; I only have 3 chapters of my ‘novel’ left to complete…but I’m still a little freaked by it! Oh, did I mention that I played dress up games today…that’s right, dress up games (squints eyes and laughs awkwardly).


(Nazra needs a new hobby…I should go back to reading)


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