To ‘Future me’…


I seem to be coming across a lot of ‘time-capsule’-like things, and what you would want your future self to know (around 5 years into the future), or what you would want to say to your future self. A lot of things I came across, were pretty standard…get married, have kids etc. Some were just disturbing…shedding insight into the very personal aspects of someone’s life. So I thought to myself that since today is my ‘non-verbal’ day (don’t ask), I might as well come up with a few things I’d say to ‘future me’…I’ll stick with the 5 year thing and let’s aim this at 29 year old me (fun!).


Dear ‘Future’ Nazra Queen/Langendorff Queen/Mrs Langendorff,

I hope that you’ve finished your PhD…if you haven’t, you should probably stop reading right now. I mean it, stop. Right now! And go and do some write up…or bug your supervisor to look through your chapters! (But seriously, I really hope you’ve finished everything!)

If you’re still reading, it means that you’ve finished the PhD…woohoo! I hope you’ve got some papers published, that would be very cool (you can just sit there and Google yourself…unless…Google no longer exists!…Let’s not even try to imagine that!). Even though, the majority of our names, include the word ‘langendorff’, I really hope that you’ve moved onto other techniques and maybe even started that research/teaching job we always wanted. I hope you’ve ventured somewhere new and taken a little bit of a risk, because we tend to regret not doing that. Of course, this is all going under the assumption that you’ll look back at this post from where you are…but I don’t see a problem with that statement so I’ll continue.

I really hope that mum finally let you get a Minion…because we’d never get one unless she gave it the thumbs up! (ooh, I wonder if there’s another Minion film?…) I really hope that things haven’t changed all that much in 5 years, most things don’t feel like they’ve changed much, and it’s not like we’re growing any taller (being short has its advantages, I’m sure it’ll still be the same in 5 years time)! I feel as though I should be discussing something intelligent, but all I really want to say is that…don’t have another ‘non-verbal’ day…they’re really boring and tiring! But if we happen to have kids (implying that we’re married! Whoa!…sounds about right though), let them play with the idea of a ‘non-verbal’ day…no need to thank yourself just yet! 

And lastly to conclude, I hope we’re happy. And I hope that we got to do all the things we wanted to on that very short list…(which may have extended by now)…or we may have just forgotten about it…seems feasible enough.

I really hope we didn’t grow up too sensible, because that would be boring.


‘Present’ Nazra Queen/Langendorff Queen/Mrs Langendorff

(12/08/2015 @ 12.59pm)


PS. This is in no way intended to be any kind of serious ‘letter’ that I would write to myself…but it’s still definitely the sort of thing I would do…maybe?


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