¿Cómo se dice…?

Question: Is it still ‘procrastinating’ if you’re avoiding something which doesn’t need doing?

This period of time right now is a little bit of a dry spell, there isn’t any active work that I can be doing …I suppose I could carry on with my write up, but I’ve already done 7000 words more than I ever needed and I’ll admit it…the moment has come and gone. So what does that leave me with? Well, I’ve prepared my buffer salts (3 lots of them!), cleaned up since no one seems to (but then aren’t many people around), read 2 books in the last 5 days and started the third. This seems to be the perfect opportunity for me to catch up with the less important things, but other than my ‘other’ writing…I can’t really think of anything else to do. That’s just sad.

I could easily finish off the Mark Sennen book I picked up yesterday (Touch), but I honestly can’t be bothered, and since I’ve only read the prologue so far, I’m not quite hooked.

So what I am going to do? I think Chelsea needs some attention, she might get some from me. We’ll see.



PS. The title is in reference to the random Spanish I’m throwing at my sister, who’s just learning. I must admit, I’m shocked at how much I can remember from 8 years ago!


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