The Calm before the Storm

Now, perhaps I may be jinxing myself (I surely hope that’s not the case), but it’s been “quiet” lately and for some reason, I’m feeling especially bored today. Everyone is officially back at school, but we’ve still got a few more weeks until the students are back; I can’t help but feel as though this might be the ‘calm before the storm’. We’re expecting a very big cohort of students starting this year, and although research is largely unaffected…it’s the project period that we need to be wary about. Oh well, that’s not until January, for now…I need to do something which will distract me from falling asleep!

I suppose I could go back to writing, but I prefer to feel a little more awake when I do that…otherwise I end up thinking one thing and realise that I’ve written something completely different. I’m still trying to tweak my eryptosis assay (which will be ready for analysis in a few hours) and so far it’s not looking great 😦


NQ out.



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