What came first? The chicken or the egg? This thought or that?

Now, I honestly had thought of a title…which I remember thinking was “far too cliche” but I can’t actually remember what it was (typical). Oh well, moving on. It’s been a while since I’ve had an intense week in the lab, and I can tell. I’ve been incredibly tired most of this week, in fact…falling asleep at 8pm! But hopefully it’ll be worth it, I’m ready to press on with the next stage of my lab work…Western blots. A technique which has given many grief…and something I’m definitely not looking forward to, despite wanting to move onto something different!

I feel as though there was an obvious reason for my post, but much like the title, I don’t seem to have an answer. I feel like my brain has taken a little bit of a holiday…and my skull is simply an empty cavity. If I didn’t write things down in my lab book or my calender…it’d be out of my head quicker than it was generated. I guess it doesn’t help that my “wisdom” tooth (so much irony in that!) is causing me discomfort…to put it lightly.

I should probably try and put some more energy towards finishing off the book I’m reading and my writing…perhaps after next week?


PS. If anyone has tips for Western blotting…do send them this way 🙂


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