“Wrap your Lemon”

I finally started the new technique…which I’ve been mentioning for a while now! And although my practice run was relatively decent, I’ve not gone all out…just yet. Perhaps it’s something to do with the fact that I’ve been feeling a little misaligned lately (not sure if I mentioned this earlier), and I don’t want to start something new if I’m not quite ready to take on a challenge. And Western blotting…certainly seems to be a challenge (from what I’ve heard). There are only a handful of papers that I have come across (referring to my protein of interest), that show “pretty” blots…and whilst that may or may not be useful, it’s also a little frightening. In the grand plan of things, I’ve allocated a significant amount of my second year to optimise and produce publishable results, and whilst this significant amount of time “shouldn’t” detract from the overall successful completion of my PhD…I’m all too wary of the fact that my time scale may be tossed out of the metaphorical window (only because the “actual” windows in my lab are jammed shut). To be perfectly honest, I’ve not even had a look at my ‘time plan’ for the last few weeks, and my usual habit of creating an accomplishable ‘to-do’ list, hasn’t really happened either. But, since I’ve reminded myself of those things, it will probably be a good idea to go back to those!

I somehow seem to be struggling to find any topic which isn’t…(I can’t even find the word for it)…but, there’s a lot that’s gone on and although I seem to be able to just move on…I know that it’s far more complicated than that. So, I’m just going to delve into talking about ‘Bad Blood’ by Mark Sennen. I’ve now had this book for over a month, and I’ve gotten to the awful ‘half way’ stage…and I’m in half minds about whether I should just give up, or press on. Just writing this has made me recall a time when I was at school, there was a book called ‘The Killer’s Cousin’ by Nancy Werlin; and it was the same sort of thing with that book too. I got to the half way stage and almost gave up, in fact I was sitting at my table during tutorial and with frustration I sort of put my book down, and that made my friend Matt ask me what was wrong. I told him that the book was boring and there was no way I would be able to finish it. Now, in my class…other than myself, no one was particularly a “reader”…certainly not on a regular basis; so the fact that Matt passionately convinced me not to give up on the book…was a bit of a shock. I’m glad I listened to him, because I really enjoyed that book. Maybe this’ll be the same.


PS. Title refers to a typo my sister came across…didn’t make any sense whatsoever, but still funny.


Oh, and this is my first ever Western blot.

Practice run Akt in normoxia (1)

It’s grainy and the contrast hasn’t been set right, but I still like it 🙂


2 thoughts on ““Wrap your Lemon”

  1. RedHeadedBookLover says:

    This is an amazingly written post (:


  2. alwynnalwynn says:

    Hey Nazraqueen! This is a great post! I look forward to more photos of Westerns, Southerns, PCRs etc! I heard that there is now a buffer that seems to speed up the process, from NY. Some professor came up with it!

    https://goo.gl/Yn3M9p Please read! Every PhD student should read this! Please leave a comment, I don’t care how long, 🙂


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