How to feel purple

This one will be a short one. So, how to feel “purple”? Easy. Eat an entire bag of chocolate covered raisins. I feel so very purple right now, and not the good sort of “purple”.

The reason behind eating an entire bag of sugar? The usual sort…depressive atmosphere…but it’s always good to have friends who will always be there no matter what. Friends who care about you AND love you, no matter how silly you are (and trust me when I say that I am VERY silly). But yes, I feel purple…and other than eating the entire bag of raisins (I feel so very sick right now), the depressive state I’ve been in (feeling “blue”) mixed with the anger I’ve had (“red” mist), made a brilliant shade of purple.

In other news, I ran two more Western blots today…and although I’ve got some lovely bands (haven’t exported the images just yet! But really liking this “XP” antibody), the expression patterns sadly don’t match, hopefully analysing another blot tomorrow, will make things clearer!

Peace Out. NQ


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