Long day. Very long day. A day which only just finished around half an hour ago…a twelve hour day, but hopefully worth it! It wasn’t until a hit of sobriety in the afternoon, that I actually got going with my day. So after re-assessing the protein concentration of my samples for my Westerns (because they were gloriously inaccurate before), I then prepared the samples and spent a good couple of hours running gels and actually feeling like I was doing something worthwhile. A feeling which has been lost amongst stretching myself to help the new students (still don’t know why I’m breaking my back to help everyone else but myself). I even managed to work in getting my stats done too (impressive use of my time!).

So here is one of the blots I managed to get (my first one actually!)…hopefully my data will be reproducible (a scientific must!).

“My first real” Western blot probing for phospho-Akt!

Wish me luck with my doctoral endeavours!

NQ out.


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