So I was originally going to write this post yesterday, but a lack of ‘focus’ meant…well, here I am. So, the subject of this post…Focus. Now, I’m not going to make this a boring account of what it means to be focussed, in fact, I don’t believe that there is one strict methodology to being focussed. Using myself as an example…I focus in an non-conventional way, where I actually need distractions to be focussed. So what does that mean? (Sounds strange, I agree) Well, let’s think back to a little while ago…and my whining about a certain ‘pod’…even though I complained about the ‘pod’, it’s actually not so bad…because it helps with my strategy. I focus in a strange way, and the only way I can describe it, is imagine walking through a crowded High street…I mean REALLY crowded; with lots of people all walking in every conceivable direction, but they’re all in their own world…and through the mass of people you can see your ‘goal’ (could be anything…literally and metaphorically). So with this ‘focus’ on your goal, even though there are hordes of people around you, you can go straight towards your goal…because in a strange way, you can pick it out a lot better with all the distraction around you. It’s like listening out for the right ‘notes’ in a sea of noise.

For me, it’s the way I can achieve focus. Because if I were to describe it in another way…(something like)…being in utter silence, no one or nothing around you…so walking along an ’empty’ High street…yes, you can see your goal…because there’s no one obstructing it. But for me, I’d be distracted away from the goal. Sounds strange? Let me explain. If I was walking along and there was nothing around me…I’d feel like there was no rush for me to get to my goal…because I could ‘see’ it. So I’d be tempted to ‘wander’ around and that would be incredibly unproductive (believe me when I say that I’ve tried this on countless occasions). Yes, for a lot of people this seems to work…complete isolation, so that whatever requires focus is the only thing which has their undivided attention. I don’t quite work in the same way, I need that ‘noise’ to listen out for the ‘right note’.

But it’s not so simple, in terms of ‘noise’. It obviously can’t be something which stands out…so there goes having your favourite TV show in the background, it has to be ‘noise’…so something which you won’t pay attention to. In my case, that’s students walking past me in my ‘pod’ and the literal noise coming from the food court…but can’t sit close to anyone engaging in conversation…because that’s just annoying, and will only provoke unsolicited eye-rolling from me.




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