Duck, Duck…Goose

Only a few days to go until there’s an end in sight. A lot of ends actually. End of the semester, end of the year (yikes), and the end of the ‘working’ period…since the new year brings, project students into our lab for a month! I think I had something else in mind when I had originally planned to write this post…but I’m experiencing a sugar crash from my Caramel fudge hot chocolate (Costa’s Christmas range), which is making me feel incredibly sleepy.

I actually don’t think I can blame the hot chocolate (which was actually surprisingly nice, I was expecting it to be VERY sweet, but it was really nice!); everyone seems to be coming down with something and I think that lethargy and odd weather (rain…but at 13 degrees…in December!), along with some ill colleagues…is the reason why I feel so tired.

So it’s been a little over a week since my mum’s been away (miss you mummy!), and that means that I’ve been busy juggling lab work and the house. Although, I’m doing plenty…(I really hope I don’t jinx it), I revel in the fact that I think I’m managing quite well; and so despite the uselessness of my younger siblings, I’m happy with it so far. But don’t get me wrong, I would much rather have my mum back at home, but she’s enjoying herself (as much as she ever would) so that’s always good. I guess another thing adding to the ‘happy pot’, is that someone else is benefiting from all of this, and that someone is very important to me. And my daily large Gingerbread latte is certainly providing plenty of entertainment to my colleagues. Always happy to please 🙂

It’s gotten strangely warm right now, and I’m hoping it’s not just me! Only a few more days to go and I’ve managed to move onto my ‘special’ antibody…and I’ve made a promising start. Here’s hoping the ‘good luck’ sticks around in the new year too!


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