The ‘get out of my life’ cake.

I went out to buy a cucumber the last 3 days in a row…and somehow I’ve returned without one (not a metaphor). Instead, I’ve done almost everything else…although in all fairness, when I wanted a cucumber, there weren’t any around, and now…it’s an excuse for my “ventures”. I felt like a complete nutter (more than usual) when my colleague asked if I’d got the cucumber I was after…only to have me return a fairly confused expression, and then quickly reply with “nope”. Only one more working day left of the year, and although I’m in need of a break…I’m ever so slightly nervous about deviating from my routine. But on the plus side, my mum will be back in three weeks…well, three weeks tomorrow!

So I’ve been working on some more Western blots the last few days, looking at a new protein of interest…an important one for my thesis. And so far I’m relatively happy, although one of the vertical electrophoresis units I use has gone a little ape. And so instead of my samples running along a nice pace in an even manner, I had an ‘Everest’ run (a term I’ve coined). I’ve included the image to prove that I’m not kidding…it really was head scratching…must be something wrong in the conductance!

Westerns gone wrong!

Westerns gone wrong!


This week being the last week, also happened to be ‘Secret Santa’ week. And I have to admit, it turned out a lot better than I’d thought. We had a group lunch…which I ended up going to late (Western blotting!)…but I had a good time, and some our group had a VERY good time (intoxicated!)…which meant random hugs, and being told that you were loved. Odd but sweet. And I think it’s safe to say that my present was certainly the best and most personal. Here’s one very happy Nazra Queen 🙂

Secret Santa present!

Secret Santa present!


PS. Titular reference is with regards to something I said a few days ago…hope it never needs implementing!


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