3 vowels, 1 consonant.

Five weeks. They’re over! Mum’s back! It’s odd, really it is. I was worried to an extent about how we’d cope without her for that time, especially how I’D cope with having to manage extra responsibilities along with my PhD…and don’t tell anyone this…but I really enjoyed it. I’ll admit that I had little time to myself, but I certainly made the most of those moments. I’ve been more adventurous, stepped out of my comfort zone on several occasions and really honed my cooking skills. Those are the pluses. On the other end of the spectrum, I felt disconnected to my lab work (headless chicken syndrome,  having no time whatsoever to contemplate what I’d been doing in lab), I felt often as though I was “lying” (I think I was) and I felt a little lost overall. I still feel a little lost. But I’m hoping that it’ll change pretty soon.

I really need to buckle down and get a move on with my Western blots. Although my images show patterns of “some” consistency, I need to “perfect” them so that I’m able to get something worth publishing…and of course there’s always the Argentina conference (which I may or may not be looking forward to). Although, buckling down may be a little harder than anticipated, since it’s that time of year ago. That’s right…it’s Undergrad Project Period…which means a marriage of chaos and uncertainty. I spent most of today hurtling between labs and techniques…divvied up amongst 11 students. I think I handled it relatively well (considering that I didn’t even get a chance to do anything related to my own research, other than pick up my antibody order first thing in the morning), but let’s not give myself the chance to make things go horribly wrong!

Alright, that’s enough. Parting words? We eat A LOT…25Kgs of onions, 10Kgs of rice, 10Kgs of flour, an entire greenhouse of tomatoes…and a field full of potatoes and every cocoa pod known to man…all in 5 weeks (there may be some exaggeration).


PS. Jarvis!!! :p

Only one week until Dublin!



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