“I want to be a butterfly”

They are rare moments, when I find myself so tired that being able to move my fingers (not even wrists) is the only limb movement I can make. An eleven hour day can have that effect. It’s a good thing that food can reverse that effect. Fast food is a remedy for a long day…6x Langendorffs, 1x annoying supervisor, 2x coffee hangover and 100x clueless undergrads. There’s now even more work for me to do…and I suppose I realise that although it seems inopportune at the time being, it perhaps isn’t such a bad idea. Yes, it does mean a few extra hours of work which won’t add to what I already have. Yes, it means that I have more calculations ahead of me. Yes, it means that I have to repeat the work I’ve spent the last three months doing…but it’ll be worth it (I hope).

We still have another two and a half weeks to go until we get our lab back (the plus side of an eleven hour day…is that I got the lab clean. MY way! S-Clean), and it feels incredibly far from now. My “break” couldn’t be more timely, I certainly need some time out. Real time out. But I have this horrid feeling…that despite being two shorelines away from the lab…I’ll still have that on my mind (I really hope not).

So what’s going on with the rest of week? Well, I have one more day in the lab (possibly another long day), and then I’m off for a few days of “Guinness” and rain!


PS. Titular reference is to something I said. I don’t actually want to be a butterfly…or maybe I do?? Hmm.


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