(I just want to start off with the fact that I am seriously craving some pie…with mash and gravy! Definitely know what I’m making this weekend…I just hope I can hold off until then!)

So, what’s Nazra been up to so far in 2016? A heck of a lot! My conference abstract was accepted…so this means I’m off to Argentina in April (as long as I can get travel expenses covered…yikes!). My sister and I had an awesome trip to Dublin, absolutely amazing (photos!)! And we’ve booked our family Umrah trip during the last few days of Ramadhan, yeay! Lots, lots, lots!

…I still really want pie 😦

It’s going to be an incredibly busy year, undergraduate projects are already wreaking havoc on anyone’s ability to go about their own research, which means that starting next week…we’ll be playing the catch up game (because there’s only another 3 days to go before we get our lab back!). I genuinely can’t believe that it’s February already, every day seems to drift by so fast only for the following day to go by even faster…barely a moment to stop and just take a look around. I’ve got a few more things planned to do this year; the majority of which is almost entirely centred around my write up…which was given a much needed jolt this week. I need to start planning the next phase of my studies, but before I can do that…I need to conquer Western blots, and so far the Westerns seem to be winning in this conquest. Oh well, we’ll find out if the BCA kit can shed some light onto my inconsistencies.

So, parting word? No so much words as rather photos…take a look. A little snapshot of our trip.

IMAG1376 IMAG1378 IMAG1392 IMAG1377 IMAG1477 IMAG1400 IMAG1402 IMAG1405 IMAG1408 IMAG1412 IMAG1417 IMAG1423 IMAG1441 IMAG1443 IMAG1454 IMAG1469 IMAG1757 IMAG1758 IMAG1496 IMAG1498 IMAG1500 IMAG1502 IMAG1504 IMAG1505 IMAG1508 IMAG1510 IMAG1521 IMAG1528 IMAG1540 IMAG1544 IMAG1547 IMAG1551 IMAG1552 IMAG1553 IMAG1555 IMAG1584 IMAG1590 IMAG1601 IMAG1604 IMAG1607 IMAG1616 IMAG1624 IMAG1630 IMAG1639 IMAG1646 IMAG1656 IMAG1663 IMAG1671 IMAG1697 IMAG1737


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