You know when sometimes you just don’t have the words to convey the on-goings of your mind? Well, that is me right now. Up and down, round and round, side to side. I suppose that’s more of a ‘notion of motion’ than describing any emotional transition; but it’s fit for purpose so I won’t complain…much. I’m still trying to sort myself out, and it’s proving to be a lot more difficult than I can recall from last year. I seem to be having trouble focusing and I can’t say for certain if it’s because of the second year lull, or because I’m lacking motivation with a lack of results. Who knows. All I can say is that I’m clearly more motivated to experiment with cooking (finally found an awesome muffin recipe!) than I am with my own project…sad. Procrastination at its best.


PS. Titular reference…ehem…another name for yours truly :p


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