“My rose is nunny”

It’s been a tiring few weeks, and although I feel as though I’ve not done very much at all…I feel exhausted in every sense of the word. I have permanent Panda eyes…and my stomach seems to be unhappy lately. All in all…I think I need some real rest…I’d like to go back to Dublin! I feel like I should say that Belvita Soft bakes are amazing! The only thing I’ve had so far which hasn’t made me want to throw up! Oh well, I suppose I feel this way because I didn’t “really” fall ill this winter (I wasn’t able to say my usual line) and so now, it’s sort of a vicious cycle of “fall ill, feel better, exhaust self, fall ill”…and so on.

I’ve been Langendorffing again, so I suppose a part of me feels as though I’m doing something a little more ‘concrete’ since I have actual data at the end of the day. I need to finalise my Western blots for my Akt groups, and get a poster going asap! I still need to plan my Argentina trip…but I seem to be unable to do so without stressing out about every conceivable mishap. So let’s not go there again.

In fact, let’s withdraw to a positive note. I went back to Warwick over the weekend…and it was certainly long overdue. Although a lot has changed over the last 4 years…things still felt the same, and I loved that. In fact, I was “skipping” with joy, and seemed to have a gleam on my face…or so I’m told. My visit was not just to relive my nostalgia, but rather triggered by a performance. Lord of the Flies by Reagent’s Park theatre. And I’m genuinely lost for words, I can’t even give credit to the performance with a single word. But it was brilliant. Truly. The set was breathtaking, an incredible amount of detail emerging from the stage of the Butterworth Hall, which in itself is an awe-inspiring atmosphere. But that was just the beginning, the cast was simply perfect, so incredibly believable that you truly forgot that you were watching actors perform, not actual school students stranded on an island following a plane crash…doomed to lose their sanity and connection to humanity. If there’s a performance by this group near you, I strongly advise you to go along. I loved the experience, and it was nice to have someone to share that with, hopefully more than once 🙂

Here’s a few photos from my trip to Warwick…enjoy! Sadly, no bluebells in sight. Oh well, maybe next time.





And here’s a few from the play…”Jack” was so convincing, it was frightening!









PS. I was trying to say that my nose is runny…


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