Procrastinating. A well honed skill, yet not one which I can add to a ‘respectable’ CV. I’ve just spent the last 4 hours doing just that. Honing my skill. Unfortunately…not the right skill. Although, in the interest of full disclosure, I’ve added another 58 words to the introduction of my thesis. Not bad for 4 hours(!)

You know when you just have one of those days? Where you plan something and every step you take…you encounter a hurdle? That was certainly today. I’d been ‘extra’ efficient and planned out my day (along with the rest of the week), however, with science where there is predictability one day, there is uncertainty another. Today was ‘another’ day. Didn’t get to do anything on my list, no productivity whatsoever. I did, however consume a giant milkshake (white KitKat…didn’t even know they existed!)…and that was enough to give me a sugar rush (with a side of obsession over the word ‘nominee’…oh dear!) and then a sugar crash (feeling irritable and frustrated with my very distracted 13 year tutee).

I finally took the plunge this weekend and booked my flight to Buenos Aires…gosh that was difficult…and to be perfectly honest I’m still terrified! I’ve yet to prepare my poster and that alone is enough to make me panic to the max; let alone the fact that I’m due to travel alone…entirely alone…to a VERY foreign (non-EU) country! Can’t I just bake some more muffins? Far less complicated than presenting my research at an international conference (SCARY!)


Work well together!

Strawberries and bananas…a good combination!



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