The ‘Perry’ Confliction

Often, you come across a crossroad in situations, and although the most obvious path may seem to be the most straight forward; it’s usually never that easy. Getting the voices in your head (not the schizophrenic type) to all ‘sing to the same tune’ is difficult enough, but then to have external voices de-harmonise the already chaotic mess inside your brain…well, that’s well and truly a symphony of disaster. In the present, my mind is an orchestra without a conductor…a tuneless and unrefined clash of sounds. And I’m desperately trying to calm the storm and get everything in sync. What a task I have ahead of me.

I have little over a month to organise myself and get my poster completed for Argentina. But in order for that to happen, I need my data to be ‘neater’ …and that seems to be something that is severely throwing me off course. I’m behind my planned schedule, despite the contingencies I’d given myself. I’ve yet to look at my I/R samples and I’ve barely optimised p-Akt or p-ERK…I’ve not even gone back to looking at p-CAMKII…recalling this information is particularly depressing 😦

So let’s mute the anarchic chaos in my mind, and enjoy soothing silence (sigh)…at least the weather has been quite nice. Sunshine. I need a lot of that…not just because of my vitamin D deficiency but because sunshine usually has a motivating role this time of year. And I may be associating far too much with it…but I think it’s what I need to get me out of my lull. I should probably look back at my plan and see what I need to do to catch up…perhaps, a little later. I think I want to read a book…I really do need to find a balance. I work a lot better when I have to juggle (I’m perfectly strange).


Parting words? Dry ice. Enjoy.







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