Freshly pressed…by a steamroller.

I knew that my words would eventually come to haunt me. That’s often the way isn’t it? I’ve been complaining for the past few weeks that I keep getting sick, recover, and then get sick again; and now I’ve got the major bug…and I can’t even say “it’s not winter, until you’re sick”…because it’s actually spring! I know I overworked myself the past few weeks, I’ve been racing to give myself as much data as possible, so that I can get my poster completed in a decent amount of time. However, no one said anything about consistency. My data has been all over the place! I’ve been trying to keep it tight and ensure that there’s barely any variation in the parameters I have control over…but that doesn’t seem to be helping. I’ve been trying to ensure that my protein samples are all good and well, so that I can load evenly for my Westerns. In fact, even my Langendorff data is messing around with me, I know my technique is sound…but it can’t solely be the new drugs I’m using(?) I only have a few weeks…less than a month until both my faculty conference and then my Argentina conference. And I need to get 2 posters ready!

And now I’ve got confirmation from my Florence conference too…which means that I need to make another poster! So 3 in total! I’ve had a fever for the last 3 nights running, and I’m still feeling feverish. I sent a panicked email to my DoS yesterday, explaining that my Westerns are simply not yielding what I expect. So now I have a meeting with him tomorrow. He’ll probably take a look at me…think that death threw up on me and send me home. But I really can’t afford to do that! I need to get a move on! I have to get my technique to work…at least 3 times! Just 3! Not a lot to ask is it?


PS. Titular reference: How I felt waking up yesterday morning, luckily that elephant has climbed off of my chest.




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