“Toothbrush, passport, money, poster…toothbrush”

No, I’ve not abandoned my blog. I’ve just been hyper-intense and decided to go ‘full on’ science mode. A very exhausting mode. I actually began writing this at the start of the week, and now it’s Friday…oh well, I’m far too exhausted to change anything…so I’ll just continue.

You know something isn’t quite right when you have a 4 day weekend and only one day of the “office” is enough to make you want to crawl back into the covers yelling “Please Mum, I don’t wanna go to school!” (Cue pouty face).

I have a growing list of things to do…and failing to write down this list means that I’m unable to recall what I began with. Typical Dori. I really ought to start writing things down again! Oh well, this week is the start of many busy weeks. I have three days to complete the rest of my Langendorff groups, I’m hoping that my Westerns decide to behave when I visualise them tomorrow. At least I now know that it’s not an operator issue or a protein concentration issue. Gotta love that GAPDH. So, now I need to work out what it is that’s causing the anti-social behaviour. I should issue an ASBO against them!

Speaking of Westerns, I’ve now determined that it’s definitely my samples that are off…not my technique or my protein concentrations. I’m not sure if I should be happy that I’ve figured out what’s wrong, or unhappy that I now need to go back prepare more samples…hmm…sad.

I’m actually so incredibly tired, I’ve had 12-13 hour days this week, and since I’ve not done that in a while…it’s taken a toll on me. I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about the weekend!

Oh and take a look at this…my green is gone!



NQ out. More tiredness to come.


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