“You, me and stress…makes three”

Only a week to go. In fact, a little less than that. And a little thing that I call ‘stress’ has decided that it wants to make me incredibly miserable. But I’ve finally completed a relatively happy version of the poster I’m hoping to take along with me. I never thought that creating a poster (from a decent template I’d formed) was going to be so back breaking…but yes, very much so! Needing to sit with a pillow supporting the lumbar. Yes, I am THAT old 😦

Since that majority of that is now out of the way…phew!…I now have the rest of my studies to focus on, for the next few days. And I’m certainly not taking it easy, my entire week is jam packed with experiments and analysis. Joy(!). The faculty symposium is on Friday, thankfully already got the poster sorted, just need to go and pick that up. I’m now just waiting for my DoS to proof the Argentina poster and then off to the printers…again! So, it’s experiments all week (and back to tutoring on Monday), and then the faculty symposium on Friday…and then flying off to Argentina on Saturday. Yikes!

I’m genuinely apprehensive about travelling alone…I want my mummy! But…I have to be a big girl! (cue sad face) A very small part of me is actually a bit excited, and that gives me some hope, I honestly just want to get to Buenos Aires in one piece, and have a good poster presentation, learn a few things and then come back home in one piece (the same way I left). I think it’s the pre-anything anxiety…which is also a ‘Nazra Queen’ speciality.

I’ll hopefully post an update before I head off…but just in case…I’ll be back with “hopefully” exciting stories about the conference and some scenic views. (I really hope so!)

Alright, alright…perhaps it wasn’t the poster alone that has my back in pain…needed a distraction, so helped my mum make our chicken version of Portuguese rissoles! Yum!

Yum, yum...Ramadhan prep!

Yum, yum…Ramadhan prep!

NQ out.


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