Welcomed back by rain.

So this post is going to be formed of two parts. The first will be all about my trip…longest ever for me! And the second will be my consequential eye opener!

So let’s go with the ‘good’ first. Amsterdam. Simply brilliant. I won’t lie, I was certainly afraid travelling alone for the first time ever, and then getting to Amsterdam Schiphol trying to locate my hotel…which with the construction work, seemed a lot more difficult…but the lovely people at the airport were incredibly useful! And entertained all of my various questions, regarding absolutely everything (for heaven’s sake, I was alone! I need to get everything covered).

I have to admit…I was definitely disheartened by the hotel…not so much a hotel…as a furnished ‘pod’. Hardly any moving room, but certainly adequate, though definitely overpriced. I wouldn’t recommend the Yotel.

Tiny! I literally had to sit on a closed toilet to take this picture…no room whatsoever to manoeuvre in. But a very comfortable bed…even if they double charged me (but owned up to it and refunded it…). Followed by pestering KLM staff to ensure that my luggage would certainly meet me in Argentina. After all, it too had a 25 hour layover like me.

So after a decent night…and several nervous butterflies…I finally got up the courage to go and venture into the city. Of course, that wasn’t met without obstacles. The first came to actually locating the train station! With the construction work on-going, there were diversions everywhere and barely any legible signs which made sense. After having finally found the train station…I was told that the lines connecting the airport to the city centre (Centraal) were down. Great(!) I met an equally irritated American, who also wanted to go into the centre. So we went outside and saw a queue of people…heading into a bus going to ‘slow today’…alright, not actually ‘slow today’…but that’s what we heard when we asked if the bus headed to the centre. It was actually going to Sloterdijk train station which was a stop away from Centraal. Having bought my ticket at the station and lost the American…I again became apprehensive getting onto a train. But it was only a 5 minute ride and this is where it lead me. Canal ride too!















I think it’s safe to say that I certainly enjoyed Amsterdam, and with the tempting 50 minutes flight…it’s certainly somewhere I’d love to go back to.

Now…as for the next leg of my journey, a gruelling almost 14 hour flight…well…don’t you think that deserves a post all to itself? I guess this post is now going to be of three parts.


NQ out.


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