Welcomed back by rain (2).

So here’s the second part to my ‘good’ post. I have to admit that following the Amsterdam trip, the rest of my journey took a little bit of a ‘bitter sweet’ turn. I’ll explain. So, having arrived incredibly tired from a somewhat 14 hour flight…being slept on by a 9 year old girl who spoke nothing but French…literally nothing else. The first thing I did following immigration was get a cab…which ended up costing a lot more than I had planned for. Whoops. Rush hour meant the cabbie (who only spoke Spanish and assumed that I knew it better than I did…) took a “quieter” alternative route. Despite being a little terrified…I maintained calm and eventually got the hotel. Which in fact was a hostel masquerading as a B&B, which was masquerading as a hotel. A scary, dimly lit staircase entrance led way to the reception and conveniently my room. Despite being a decent size, it was poorly lit and the bathroom was a joke. I showered, got dressed and went straight onto the conference. Luckily, the route was not too bad, and I did ask on the way just to be sure 🙂

That was the not so good part…which was followed by panic, immense panic. Not being able to pay by card, not finding an ATM I could use…and yeah, basically not good. So…I changed hotels (parents to the rescue!). I stayed the night in the hotel and that was it. I didn’t sleep at all. Door slammed and creaked all night long, the heavy rain (which welcomed me to Argentina) was strong and heard loudly through the single glazed windows, and the last thing was the sound of barking dogs and the bustling traffic right outside my room. I had well and truly had enough and I hadn’t even spent a whole day there. I had woken up the following morning, and for the first time, I was incredibly glad my DoS was around. We had an “interesting” conversation and that was it for me in that place. I had moved to San Telmo Luxury Suites…only a few paces away, and I was desperately awaiting that! Tuesday was the day of my poster presentation, and it was truly me turning a leaf, despite the rainy start 🙂

So, who really wants to know about the conference (which in as few words as I can manage was: intellectual, eye opening, fascinating, nerve wrecking) right? Here’s what my Tuesday led to…






Comfortable doesn’t even describe it! And I don’t know if it was because the sun was shining or that I actually slept that night…but everything looked rosier. I was smiling, and enjoying the sun and talking to people (who I initially found intimidating!) at the conference.







As my sister pointed out…even the trees looked greener 😀

And following the conference…I got the chance to go for a tour around the city. Here’s what I saw.
















Hehe the last one is from my dinner out. Wasn’t too bad!

So, the final question…would I go to Argentina again? Absolutely! Alone? Nope, far too much to share…at least I know who I’d go with 🙂


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