Mercy of realisation

It’s rained an awful lot over the last few days, and whilst I’m not a fan of stepping in puddles and feeling clammy…I must admit that I find something quite poetic about rain. Although that still doesn’t mean that I like the puddles. I really don’t like puddles.

I’ve been putting off this post for a while, and now I feel like I can finally write this. I have to say that the month of May hasn’t started off all that well for me. I’ve been trying to juggle my temp job (the exam office!) and my PhD and whilst I realise the importance of one over the other…lately it’s been difficult to feel inspired, and I just feel miserable all the time. I thought that taking my mind off some things would help to change perspectives but that’s yet to be the case. The chaos of heat and humidity…not only a perfect recipe for stormy weather, but also aiding in the storm that is swirling in my mind. A storm of conflict; of decisions; of right and wrong. There seems not to be a right answer to anything right now, only the wrong answer even when you think you’ve taken a right turn.

But I’m still hopeful, I know that whatever happens, happens for a reason, and often we are too stubborn to see things clearly. Just like the rain, some of us see it as ruining our sunshine, being unable to go outside…but the rain is necessary, we need it for the simplest of reasons, which at the time seem negligible. In the same way, hardships are necessary for the simplest of reasons, but when we encounter them, they seem like only an obstacle.


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