From dawn to dusk.

I was initially going to title this post as “Losing my mind…one neuron at a time”, but something changed my mind 🙂

That’s not to say that I’m NOT losing my mind…I truly am, to the extent where I panic thinking that I’ve lost my phone, and walk a fair distance only to realise that I’d left it in the car…after I had literally just taken it out of my pocket, knowing that it could fall out. Yes, I’m ageing, like I said earlier this month “doing a PhD adds 30 years!”.

Anyway, the purpose of my post (although I appreciate that often there is no real train of thought…just rambles). The month of Ramadhan. The best and certainly my favourite month. The month which makes you feel like nothing is impossible, no struggles is in vain, no effort goes unnoticed…certainly not where it counts. The month where smiles bring out the best in people, where everyone strives to learn and better themselves for more than a selfish benefit. The month that I wish would translate to every month. I want the best out of Ramadhan…always, and for always. This year the time has swiftly raced by (something I have gotten far to familiar with), and like always we are nearing the very end. Only a matter of nights until the new crescent appears…nights which I will very gratefully (iA) spend in Makkah 🙂

So, what do I want to say?

Not very much. But, do all that you can. I know it’s difficult with work/school/children and the long hours and higher temperatures, but have sabr and faith, efforts do not go unnoticed. Try with your best intentions and constantly want to exceed your best, the mere passion behind your actions is enough for the One who matters. Humility and hope. These are the two words that everyone should have in their vocabulary, let us strive to be humble, in our words and our actions. Never lose hope, not in yourself nor others…and certainly not in Him; especially when the times are tough, listen to the words that reach your heart, and be patient. I say this as much for my own understanding as much as anyone else. And let us eagerly await the next Ramadhan, may it bring with it eternal blessings, and hope of forgiveness. Ameen.


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