But it’s not winter!

Following from my less-than-wordy blog post a few days ago, my sore throat has manifested into a cough. I hate coughing. I really don’t like feeling ill, I’m not as productive as I need to be and even the things I do aren’t up to par. I’m feverish still and it’s definitely not ideal! I have a stupid catch up meeting (my own fault) tomorrow and I’ve not prepped for it at all. I’ve been in holiday mode for a number of weeks now, and the thought of getting stuck back in the lab with my less than ideal data is anything but welcome.

I need to sort through the hoard of western blot images I’ve accumulated…well, actually in my opinion, I wouldn’t even call them blots 😦

Having analysed a dozen of them…the picture is far from clear, and of course that could only mean one thing…back to the drawing board. There’s a question mark over multiple orders I placed months ago, no idea if they’re on their way! And that means more delays. I’m already over a year behind with my experiments, and now even more so. I have my second year review coming up soon, and other than a few failed western blots, I have very little to show. I have a small amount of time (around about a month) in which I need to somehow squeeze out enough data for another abstract, re-do some data collection to round off my ‘n’ numbers for my first year studies, and learn how to do cell isolations and use flow cytometry. Achievable? Sure. If you’re living in a dream world. PhD…what was I thinking(!)


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