“Here you go, Future Husband”

It feels like it’s been a while since I last posted, and with my ‘Dori’ memory, I also have no recollection of the content of my last writing adventure. That’s right. This is all an adventure. Yes, I am sad. You can’t blame me, I’m doing a PhD…which equates to living in a very small, bubbly world. I feel like September hasn’t started off in the greatest way…in fact, my end of year review didn’t go as expected…and I feel like I’m repeating myself?

Anyway, I’ve now tried to spearhead my project and I think it’s going somewhere. I’ve got an incredibly busy year ahead of me, with a million different things to do and only a few months to do so. So I figured, initiative. Have to start now and get things rolling, and I’ve got a good two weeks of absolute focus and science-indulgence. And hopefully…I’ll have more luck with the next technique I’m venturing with.


Nazra's first cardiomyocyte isolation!

Nazra’s first cardiomyocyte isolation!

Nazra's second cell isolation.

Nazra’s second cell isolation.


PS. Second isolation (with tweaking and a new protocol devised by myself and Thor) is inspiring for a complete novice! Another check in the Marriage Résumé.


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