The Mucus Impropriety

So after a week of sore throats, funny coloured mucus, subsequent blocked nose and a hypothalamus with temperature issues…it seems that the fresher’s flu has finally settled. And fresher’s have once again proved why we research students wish for the summer to come quickly. And with a nearing deadline, the mucus must wait, science comes first.

This week has been a bit of an odd one, high emotions, tense environments and stormy minds. Western blots, Langendorffs and cardiomyocyte cell isolations. I’ve been quite irrational…emotionally this week, to the point that simply hearing Prince Caspian introduce Lucy and Edmond Pevensie in the Narnia third film…made me tear up! Seriously! Darn hormones, and darn experiments that must be done! No wonder I’m going loopy…I’ve got so much to tackle, and very little time to complete anything. I just have to press on, and hope for the best.

Often we need a kind of motivation that’s different. One that can lift our spirits when we’re down and struggling. One that affects the heart and simultaneously empowers the mind. I think I may have found mine today. Let’s hope we all can.


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