So, we’re into the second week of the project period…and I’m still unable to find the motivation to get on with the list of tasks I’ve prepared. I only managed to force myself to start with something yesterday…because I got told off my my mum! Yep. I feel drained without even exerting myself…and I feel off balance, which keeps hindering any progress of completion. I know it’s not an excuse, and I also know that time is ticking away and with my supervisory team ever unhelpful…this all comes down to me and my ability to push through. An ability…which seems non-existent at present.

So as I sit here with my notebook ready to make notes on whether I should do an ELISA for cAMP levels, or simply use an antibody…I’m trying desperately not to let the warmth of the office tuck me in for the morning. I just hope that I can stick to my list of tasks, it’s not gargantuan and most certainly doable in the time frame I have. But all I can think of right now is “mummy, five more minutes”.


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