Right, let’s get back into it, shall we? Into the shwing of things (see what I did there?…yes, I know it’s not very funny, not when you say it with that face…frown).

It would appear as though the dysfunctional weather, together with ample unwanted mingling with students, has resulted in a spread of a bug. Yes, that’s right, it’s that time of year again…time to be mucusy. Mucus, migraines and mantle pieces (that’s the first most random thing to enter my mind to fill the ‘m’ void). Hmm, perhaps that should’ve been the title? Nah. Not changing it.

So, let me stop being so very vague (despite the fact that I very much enjoy it); it’s now the aftermath following the whirlwind storm of undergraduate projects, and it appears as though nothing was left unrooted. Pretty much everything that could’ve been broken was…well…broken(!) And the last 48 hours have been spent trying to normalise things as much as possible and just get things back to normal, into the ‘shwing’ of things (yep, the title is very much apt). My personal countdown hasn’t halted, I only have around 3 months to complete all of my lab work and with no running RO water (that’s right…the students actually managed to break off the tap…don’t ask how), therefore no running washer or filtered water system…it becomes increasingly difficult to prioritise lab work without any water. But we’ve found a route around it…certainly not the most compliant with our risk assessments, but desperate times call for desperate measures. And you know, it wouldn’t all be so bad, if the experiments ran perfectly smoothly and every supervisor was perfectly on board with us. Certainly never the case with us. And in actual fact, even that can be managed with a healthy immune system…but again, one is not so fortunate.

So, where am I, then? I am mid way through that chapter I finally got feedback for (although…does feedback for only 15/90 pages, actually count?), still yet to complete the repeats I should’ve really finished by now, and have barely collected data from the new techniques I’ve started. All of this in 3 months? Certainly possible…with a functioning lab, immune system and supervisory team. The operative word: functional.


NQ out.


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