Me…in a nutshell

I’ve always been a little bit of a science nerd, but coupled with a want to help people, made me pick a direction for myself. I’ve graduated from biomedical science at university (my back up plan in case my pursuit of medicine didn’t succeed. It didn’t). I’ve always liked the sciences and people, so medicine was a natural choice for me; sadly I wasn’t so much of a natural choice for them (on several…painful attempts). I think it’s safe to say that when I tried to make my own destiny happen…it clearly wasn’t going anywhere. But now that I’ve given up trying to control my own life and just ‘go with the flow’…I’ve been offered a PhD scholarship on the back of my MSc!

What else is there to know about me? Let me think. I like reading (and no that does not automatically make me boring!) because my imagination requires a lot of feeding…I often live in the alternate reality in my head, so I need fuel to keep that going. My friend’s describe me as insane, only for them to slowly realise that it’s everyone else who’s far too ‘sane’, which only makes me look a little insane 😉

So this blog is just about me and my ramblings…about…well, pretty much anything and everything!

CAUTION: Expect ramblings and sarcasm! I love the stuff(!)


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