No one is stupid enough…

…no one is stupid enough to have a milkshake when they can’t tolerate milk. No one is stupid enough to get involved in trying to resolve conflict when they haven’t been asked to. No one, but me. Ah yes, the ever so silly trait I have…the trait which gets me emotionally invested in absolutely everything, and that inability to say the word ‘no’. Not to mention, the pathological condition of being unable to take professional rejection as anything but personal. There are a lot of things wrong with ye olde Nazra. Including lacking the impetus to send that oh-so important email to the ‘Rainbow’. It’s not that the email isn’t of significance, in fact it’s very much the opposite. And like many things we all put off in our lives, it’s the ones that are the most important and therefore the most frightening that we like to procrastinate on the most…but I really wanna be a ‘Cloud’! *pouty face* I suppose I should just ‘Science’ up and do it. Maybe later.

I appear to keep putting off this post and perhaps that’s simply a reflection of my current state of mind…the ‘hide under the covers’ sort of attitude, or maybe I’m just avoiding something bigger…either way, I seem to lack impetus and drive. And even when I try to be productive…like today, it seems as though I’m not destined to be successful in my ventures and instead I end up losing what I started with. But it’s alright, I’ll keep on moving forward in that not-so-productive manner which has often left me surprised, where my questions are always answered from the most unlikeliest sources…because I suppose no one but me can be stupid enough, but if that’s the case, I’ll gladly be the one to take on all of those hurdles if it means I can still get that moment of clarity which often leaves me on cloud nine. To me, there is certainly Someone helping me. Deal.