The Foodie Scientist.

I’ve been absent, I get it. My hands are up in surrender. But I’m here now and shouldn’t that count? And as a little bit of an apology, this post is going to be inundated with yours and mine’s favourite, food.

I’ve loved cooking and baking and it goes without saying…experimenting. Mind you, this love affair only began once I realised that cooking wasn’t a chore and onerous task. The first mess up I made, I don’t even remember the dish, my mum simply said start again and don’t worry about the mess. That made me see that the kitchen was much more like my lab. You don’t give up after a single failed experiment, you change parameters, you optimise and you try again. You start off following protocols, but you adapt to make it work for you and your conditions. And that’s exactly like cooking, you start with a recipe and you adjust it to your taste and what you have available. Except please don’t taste your Ringer’s buffer and your SDS-PAGE gel!

I’m really not embellishing when I say ‘inundated’ with food…take a look for yourself! I won’t lie, I’ve found much easier to post my foodie exploits on my Instagram page (I know! Nazra has moved into the 21st Century with social media!) @q.nazra 🙂


Khaman Dhokla

Chicken Jalfrezi with rice

Butter chicken with naan

Steak and Chips from Toro’s steakhouse, Manchester

Quarter peri peri chicken from Toro’s steakhouse, Manchester

Refreshing mocktails from Toro’s steakhouse, Manchester

Halal full English breakfast from Millie’s tearoom, Hayfield

The Indian inspired Veggie breakfast from Millie’s tearoom (and B&B), Hayfield

Rose, Lemon and Pistachio drizzle cake

Oven roasted Salmon fillet with herb roasted potatoes and mint salsa verde!

Spinach pesto and chilli pasta

Salt and pepper chicken with veg noodles from Oodles chinese, Coventry (my fav takeout!)

Cake Box (can never say no to cake!)

Fruit scone from Rising cafe, Coventry

Smoked salmon and poached egg breakfast from Cosy club

Veggie breakfast from Cosy club

Garlic mushroom from The Farmhouse, Coventry

Passionfruit Daiquiri (mocktail of course!), The Farmhouse, Coventry

Steak! From The Farmhouse, Coventry

Indian fish and chips from The Farmhouse, Coventry

Cardamom panna cotta with a strawberry coulis

Chana daal with gourd (dudhi/kaddu)

Palak paneer, made with tandoori spiced paneer! It’s soo good!

Brownies! Recipe inspired by Roojie The Foodie #RTF

Curried cauliflower


Veggie Hot Pizza from Pizza Hut

Rava idli with sambhaar!

Oodles chinese! Kung pao and crispy chicken

Egg fried rice

BBC Good Food recipe – nutty chocolate bread!

Chicken and green bean curry

Chicken 65 – recipe from Fauzia’s Kitchen Fun (FKF)

Mixed veggie curry (aubergine, potato and pigeon peas)

Creme caramel

Cheesy pasta

My famous ‘Flaounas’

Achaari chicken!

Semolina pudding (sooji)

Chicken khao suey

Veggie pasta

Fudgy Oreo brownie cake

Las Iguanas dessert

Mac n cheese @ Las Iguanas

Masoor gosht with rice (brown lentil and lamb curry)

Fish curry – Sea bass

Egg and kebab curry

Creamy Philadelphia tagliatelle


Ramadhan Mubarak!

I know, I know! I’m almost an entire week late to the game, but it won’t stop me from exuberating the month I love most in the whole year. Ramadhan. Hearing the name of the month alone makes me feel so gleeful, it’s a month to trim back everything and look at the details, at the small things, at the minute changes that we undergo, the spiritual and mental reconnection that we owe ourselves. The month of Blessings has always held a special place in my heart, not just because of how it makes me feel (like a solar panel consistently receiving rays) but also because I feel the most like myself this time of year. Fasting, contrary to popular belief, allows me to fine tune and focus on intricacies, I am more energised (again, contrary to popular belief) than ever before, and now is even more proof of that, with managing full time work, cooking (which I love beyond doubt), household chores (not so fond of) and of course reciting and praying as much as I can possibly challenge myself too. And yes, whilst I may have felt sleepy towards the end of the day…I blame the melatonin, I am still charged and ready to go, and for that I am thankful to my Lord.

So you’re probably wondering…where’s all the food then? Well, I’ll get there! Patience is a sweet reward…or in my case a savoury one, since sweets aren’t my most favoured! But I will say one thing, Air fryer (two words, but one thing!). I am the most excited with this gadget! I won’t lie, a few years ago when these were ridiculously expensively, I had dismissed these as a fad, but boy am I glad to have gotten this present from my brothers! It’s the best timing too with Ramadhan and the mutual love of samosas that my husband (still weird saying that!) and I share!! Only a little bit of fiddling around to find the ideal setting and voila…perfectly crisp and golden samosas with minimal oil (only some sprayed on sunflower oil)!

I’ll post a picture of the some of the food I’ve tried so far in another post, but trust me on this one, a healthy way to eat the foods you love is the best present! And I will be using my Tower air fryer all year round! Quick and easy in every way possible, samosas won’t stand around for too long hahahahaha


NQ out. Blessed fasting everyone! And be healthy!


PS. Having said that…I’m waiting for my ‘The Cake Campaign‘ cake to arrive tomorrow and my Palestinian dates too! Can’t wait! Best thing is, it’s all for charity and you get a slice of the cake too…literally!