How to keep going forward, when your path is going backwards.

Smile. Sorri. Mus’kurahat.

One very simple word, achieved through the art of muscle contraction and relaxation. Yet, a powerful and important tool in one’s arsenal. You may ask…how on earth can that make something go right? The answer is not as simple as the motion itself, think of the butterfly effect…a single movement results in an astronomical effect elsewhere. With that principle in mind, think of something which is deterring you, a hindrance, a thorn in your path, now think of one smile, a genuine one, it makes you smile as you think of it. And it’s as if the mere muscular motion is required to make negativity worth nothing, it’s as if the obstacles in your path can simply be blown away like a kite on a windy day. But the perk of smiling isn’t restricted to how it makes you feel,  smiling is contagious, smile at a stranger (not in weird creepy way) or anyone, and that smile will immediately result in a positive thought. That positive thought has a cascading effect, resulting in more positive thoughts, which results in more smiles. So, one smile can result in many people benefitting, many positive actions being taken…and all because of what, because one person chose to smile.

So when it seems as though despite everything, you can’t seem to do anything right, be brave and smile, it’ll be alright. If you had a terrible day in the lab, and none of your experiments yielded anything, just smile because tomorrow is another day and you’ll put in just as much effort and scientific expertise. And you will keep on trying and even if that means failing more than once, you will brush yourself off and carry on moving forward, because that’s the power of a smile.

Smile. Because it’s charity. Smile. Because the most perfect of examples, showed how to do it best. Smile. Because it shows that no matter what, humanity is strong. Smile. Because we all need it.


NQ out.


‘Luke, I really am your father…get tested, if you don’t believe me’

Well, I figure that this is as good a time as any to post for the last time this year (that sounds incredibly morbid). It’s been an interesting year for me, a lot of highs and lows and an incredible cliched roller-coaster! It’s strange how when everything is happening at once, you can forget where you are and ‘when’ you are. Like, it’s only hours before the new year…but it doesn’t feel so impending…in fact, it just feels like any other day; which it sort of is. Probably because the Islamic new year was technically two months ago!

But, like with everything in life there’s always a take home message…and I really want to say something inspirational for the end of 2013 and the advent of 2014…but right now all I can think about is candesartan cilexetil!

Ok…a take home, inspirational message…I think I got one…

(No, it’s not the title)

“Go with the flow and the currents can never hurt you…remember, you’ll always end up where you’re destined to be; so don’t fret when you feel low, because life has a way to balance things out”

I can already hear fireworks…and there’s still two hours to go!

This could be one of many new years, but it could also be your last. Be mindful of what you have and always have a smile on your face (it’s sunnah)! Have a prosperous new year!

PS. I managed to watch both of the Star Wars trilogies this year…watched Episode VI today (title is a nod towards that), didn’t think it was going to happen! But it was all fate LOL