The lazy bird hits the hay.

I seem to be getting more and more terrible at keeping up with my posting, and it’s not for a lack of content, thought or passion. I simply lack the energy. I suppose the only ‘silver lining’ is that it’s not long until I embark on my journey of a lifetime…much needed for me as a person right now, and I know that it will recharge me. I’ve been a lot more ‘ill’ than I can ever remember being and needing trips to the hospital – which is quite frankly unheard of for me. I hope it’s just a bad phase that I’m going through and I hope that my body can recover and isn’t just warning me of something lurking (I can’t even delve there right now…not strong enough).

But nonetheless, I have been cooking where possible (and when I am able to stand without screaming in pain) to distract myself of the pain of a having a job that I have no passion for, a body who is clearly aging in number and function (and I’m still only late twenties! Oh dear!) and the sudden change that is married life. Don’t get me wrong, I love being married, I get to be with my best friend always and live in our home together…but I miss depending on my mum and dad and them knowing how to take care of me when I’m sick. I know they’re not that far away…but sometimes being alone in the house feels just like that…alone. I don’t deal well with the quiet and I need distractions, perhaps a reason why I enjoy cooking so much.

I’ve contemplated leaving my job and just taking a breath…but it’s a not financially feasible option, I wish it were different. I miss being a student, I miss the opportunities of learning and honestly, if my current job was what the role is ‘supposed’ to be, I would’ve been learning and perhaps not been so miserable. Science is beautiful, and I miss actually being in the lab, holding that pipette and using it as precisely as possible, I miss experiments and figuring out why you have a response, I miss articulating my thoughts through literature and observation and above all else I truly miss feeling like I have something to leap out of bed in the morning for. I hate being stuck at a computer (blogging in no way counts!) and with my right eye acting up (scaring me incredibly and also causing the need to go to eye casualty) it’s not very comfortable doing ‘computer’ work. If I had wanted to be sat in front of a PC all day, I would’ve gotten an office job. I hope that a research position that offers the chance of learning but using my skills and passion is out there somewhere…part of me is scared to search with all the rejections I’ve faced. But you won’t know until you try, right?

Anyway, here’s some more food that I’ve been busy making, I haven’t baked anything sweet in a while, perhaps I’l do some of that today!

NQ out.

Pizza pinwheels made for Eid

Chicken karahi with rice

My favourite, Daal gosht with rice!

Who doesn’t love a good cream tea!

Chicken and vegetable pie

Kidney bean curry…purely vegan

I love runny yolks for breakfast!

Kebab and potatoes with roti!

Gujarati staple…Kadhi, bhaji and rice

Bhaji (spinach) with potatoes…also vegan

Lamb karahi with rice

First time making Dhoodh kurma (also known as Seviyaan) without a recipe and just going by taste and memory! Did very well!

Grilled mint chicken, paprika roasted potatoes and cheesy garlic bread (bought from Basement Browns!)

My Eid platter! Pinwheels, sakkar para, chicken wings, gajar halwa and chocolate covered strawberries





PS. Super weird that a former colleague who was always a bit jealous (no idea why!) of me wished me a Happy Birthday…before my friends!!! So weird!

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

There are plenty of ‘fill in the blank’ moments, but I can’t possibly recall absolutely everything nor can I begin to summarise everything, other than the fact that the work period is now over, and I’ve still yet to find myself a job to settle in to. It’s been an incredibly busy few weeks and I’ve been a little all over the place to be perfectly honest. Still no luck with cell isolations, still no arrival of my orders and I’ve still got to complete all of my chapters and again…need to find a permanent job. There are many things that need attention, and they all need financial consideration. I’ve yet to complete the poster I intend on presenting in less than four weeks…and I still need to write an abstract for another conference…and I have a week before the deadline. But let’s not dive into depressive uncertainty, let’s ask ourselves another question.

I wonder what happens when a scientist swaps her lab coat for an apron for Eid? And of course a little help from my dear Timmy, and a recipe from Fauzia’s Kitchen Fun.


I guess that answers that…food is a great distraction from real world problems. With all the chaos happening all over the world, a little unity is definitely due. And in my opinion, nothing works better than food to unite people 🙂